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About SIS

01 July, 2019
08:16 PM
11 February, 2024
03:16 PM

Since its establishment in 1954 until now, the State Information Service ( SIS) has been carrying out its role as “the official media and public relations body of the state”.

It delivers a media message aimed at explaining the state’s policy in various fields: political, economic, social and cultural, at the internal and external levels, clarifying its stances on various issues.

The message also applies to developing the citizen's awareness and active participation in building his society internally, strengthening the bonds of friendship and consolidating relations between Egypt and world countries, and recognizing local and international public opinions regarding issues and events of state interest.

The (SIS) is also a center for political and media studies, an information bank, a major publishing house for culture and intellect, and the homeland memory.

The (SIS) performs its mission at home and abroad through the following:

  • Presenting facts about Egypt to international public opinion.
  • Refuting lies and fallacies reported by various media outlets.
  • Monitoring and analyzing events at home and abroad.
  • Studying decision-making environment in the world.
  • Publishing everything new in Egypt.

The ( SIS) Authority presents its publications on the nation’s issues, events, and achievements in various languages. It also exercises its developmental role and activity by communicating with the segments of the Egyptian people in the governorates.

It plays an important role in political education and social awareness of citizens, explaining national policies to them and contributing to raising their awareness of society issues through internal media centers and Nile media centers distributed across the governorates of the Republic.

Egypt is presented to the world in five languages ​​through its website and various departments, and is being informed on new publications in other languages.

Since its establishment, the (SIS) Authority has paid attention to foreign journalists and correspondents in Egypt who convey to the world the truth about Egypt and her course of things.

It also provides all possible media facilities to help them succeed in their media message.

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