Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27)

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“Our Climate is Our Lives” initiative

30 August, 2022
02:57 AM
15 September, 2022
01:32 PM

The Ministry of Environment and Al-Azhar launched an initiative dubbed “Our Climate is Our Lives”. “Our Climate is Our Lives” encourages the public’s engagement in facing the global challenges of climate change, within the framework of the preparations for hosting the COP27 climate conference and the National Climate Dialogue.

The title of the initiative shows the extent of the impact of the environment, especially climate change, on the daily lives of individuals.

The initiative will rely on social media campaigns and awareness convoys, which highlights the image of the “New Republic”, which is based on the solidarity of all spectrums of the nation, and goes beyond the climate conference.

Initiative goals:

- Humanity and societies come together in a more harmonious way to provide innovative solutions to face climate change.

- Empowering individuals in societies to bring about long-term and lasting change through climate literacy.

- Develop strong advocates and create the spirit of environmental citizenship in a broad way.

- Spreading concepts of climate change with the aim of integrating the citizen in the methods of confrontation.

The initiative includes:

- Weekly convoys for a year

- Monthly awareness campaigns

- 24 workshops

- Training session for 100 preachers on climate change awareness,

Those preachers will make field visits to climate research centres, and a global competition will be held to present a legal vision for climate research and a specialized edition of the Islamic Research Academy on Climate.

The initiative implements a number of programs and activities to raise the awareness of the various segments of the society of the risks of climate change.



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